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Shannon and the Clams - Year Of The Spider LP

Shannon and the Clams - Year Of The Spider LP

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"Year Of The Spider" was written and recorded in Nashville with Grammy Award-winning Producer of the Year, Dan Auerbach, at his legendary Easy Eye Sound studio this past year, fronted by Shannon Shaw and Cody Blanchard on lead vocals.

It is an endlessly vivacious, ebullient, and clever album from the kings and queen of the Bay Area garage punk scene. Fresh off of their supporting tours with the likes of The Black Keys and Greta Van Fleet, they returned to the studio with their unique vintage sound that incorporates wonderfully strange elements of doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych and surf rock to produce this timeless gem from these perennial favourites.


1. Do I Wanna Stay
2. All of My Cryin'
3. Midnight Wine
4. I Need You Bad
5. Year of the Spider
6. In the Hills, in the Pines
7. Godstone
8. Snakes Crawl
9. Mary, Don't Go
10. Leaves Fall Again
11. Flowers Will Return
12. Crawl
13. Vanishing

About this product: this is the Indie Store Exclusive on 'Midnight Wine' vinyl