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Joni Mitchell - Blue CD

Joni Mitchell - Blue CD

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The definitive female singer songwriter album of the 70's.

1971's "Blue is just about as perfect as an album can be. 10 immaculate songs that re-defined songwriting, Joni had a small heap of classics under her belt by the time she recorded this masterpiece but it was Blue that signalled just what a seminal writer and performer she was.

Stephen Stills, James Taylor, Sneeky Pete and Russ Kunkel backed her up, but it's Joni's show all the way - heartbreak, longing, exhuberance, passion and doubt in classics such as A Case of You, River, This Flight Tonight.

Utterly essential!


1. All I Want
2. My Old Man
3. Little Green
4. Carey
5. Blue
6. California
7. This Flight Tonight
8. River
9. A Case of You
10. The Last Time I Saw Richard

About this product: this CD is housed in a softpack.