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Augustus Pablo - One Step Dub LP

Augustus Pablo - One Step Dub LP

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Punched out as the dub companion to Junior Delgado’s hugely successful "One Step More" album, the release of "One Step Dub" couldn’t have been better timed coming on the back of a hugely successful tour of Europe with Delgado.

Recorded at Channel One, Tuff Gong & Dynamic and engineered by Pablo, Soldgie, Steven Stanley & Tony Kelly One Step Dub included dubs to some big hitters from Jux including Hanging Tree and Riot In A Juvenile Prison.


1. In the Red Dub
2. Hanging Dub
3. Riot Dub
4. One Step Dub
5. Zion Way Dub
6. Sunshine Dub
7. Dubbing King James
8. Rastaman Dub
9. Good Looking Dub
10. Night Patrol Dub

About this product: this is a reissue on black vinyl.