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Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation (50th Anniversary) 2LP

Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation (50th Anniversary) 2LP

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"Over-Nite Sensation" turns 50 years old. An absolute classic. For some a gateway to Zappa, a place to start along with the following 1974 release Apostrophe(‘). It was also the first album by Zappa to be released in Quadraphonic surround sound.

The album signaled a change in musical direction for The Mothers, with Frank handling the bulk of the lead vocals and being the only guitar player. It was a new band, a new sound and eventually the album went gold.

Over the years, almost every song on "Over-Nite Sensation" would go on to become live staples and fan favorites. 50 years on, the album is still one of the highlights of the Zappa catalog and a consistent seller.


1. Camarillo Brillo
2. I'm the Slime
3. Dirty Love
4. Fifty-Fifty
5. Zomby Woof
6. Dinah Moe Humm
7. Montana

About this product: this is the 50th Anniversary reissue on 2x 180g black vinyl (plays at 45rpm), housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes an album artwork poster.