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Blondie - Yuletide Throwdown EP

Blondie - Yuletide Throwdown EP

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Brand new 3-track 12” limited edition EP, featuring Yuletide Throwdown, the track co-written and performed with Fab 5 Freddy, recorded around the time of Rapture and using the same samples.

The ultra-rare 1981 holiday flexi-disc, reissued for the first time on 180gm vinyl, following the discovery of the tapes in the Blondie archive. Originally given away as a coloured flexi-disc with Flexipop magazine, it's now available commercially for the first time with all audio fully remastered from the analog tapes. The new EP features an exclusive remix by Cut Chemist.

Packaged in die-cut bespoke ‘disco-bag’ style sleeve with exclusive artwork by New York graffiti artist ‘Hugogyrl’.


1. Yuletide Throwdown (Cut Chemist Mix)
2. Yuletide Throwdown (Cut Chemist Radio Edit)
3. Yuletide Throwdown (1981 Original Recording)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 12" 180g pink vinyl.