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Big Country - Buffalo Skinners 2LP

Big Country - Buffalo Skinners 2LP

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Big Country’s sixth studio album, "The Buffalo Skinners" was originally released in 1993.

The self-produced, impassioned explosion of rock roundly delivers on pulling this band's working-class masculinity, love of full-throated guitar and sense of political and social outrage together in one rousing, melodic, lyrical onslaught.

Featuring the singles Alone and Ships, along with fan favourites What Are You Working For and We’re Not in Kansas, these relying on a heavier guitar sound than their previous album, the pace rarely lets up throughout, taking in the anthemic The One I Love and the outraged The Selling of America before it all ends on the angry, science-gone-wrong, cloak and dagger horror tale of Chester's Farm.

The original vinyl version of the album only had a limited pressing and was only on one vinyl. This new deluxe version has been split across two vinyl for optimum sound quality and also features some B-sides and rare tracks on side 4.


1. Alone
2. Seven Waves
3. What Are You Working For
4. The One I Love
5. Long Way Home
6. The Selling of America
7. We're Not in Kansas
8. Ships
9. All Go Together
10. Winding Wind
11. Pink Marshmallow Moon
12. Chester's Farm
13. The One I Love (US Mix)
14. Never Take Your Place (2005 Remaster)
15. Eastworld (2005 Remaster)
16. Buffalo Skinners (Demo)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x 180g black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve ad includes sleeve notes by guitarist Bruce Watson.