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Pixies - Bossanova LP

Pixies - Bossanova LP

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2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of "Bossanova", the third studio album by Pixies.

The band continued to work with Gil Norton after collaborating to such success on their platinum-selling second album ‘Doolittle’; this time choosing to record in Los Angeles over their native Boston (the track Blown Away, however, was recorded at
the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin during a European tour in 1989).

Their third album in as many years, 1990 was a particularly fertile time for the band with Kim Deal also having success with The Breeders, who released their debut album ‘Pod’ just a few months prior.

Featuring the singles Allison (a tribute to jazz and blues pianist Mose Allison), Dig For Fire and Velouria, plus the first cover to feature on one of their albums, Cecilia Ann (originally by The Surftones), "Bossanova" showed a less primal side to the band, with surf and space rock rising to the fore.


1. Cecilia Ann [The Surftones cover]
2. Rock Music
3. Velouria
4. Allison
5. Is She Weird
6. Ana
7. All Over the World
8. Dig for Fire
9. Down to the Well
10. The Happening
11. Blown Away
12 Hang Wire
13. Stormy Weather
14. Havalina

About this product: this is a limited 30th Anniversary reissue pressed on red vinyl, includes a 16-page booklet.