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Lola Young - My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely CD/LP

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22-year-old Lola Young has one of those voices. You know, the ones that are impossible to ignore: made for smoky dark clubs as much as hushed arenas, it’s got a depth, rawness and huskiness that reduces crowds to pin-drop silence.

Where previous releases have seen Lola interrogating her life with honesty, "My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely" is a new era for the young singer-songwriter. Love is a theme she’ll always tackle in her music, she says – “it’s the most relatable topic, isn't it?” – but on this project she’s fully stepped out of her comfort zone, testing her writing ability to confront new topics, while mining new depths of her creativity.

"My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely" is a defining statement: a work of pain, heartbreak, and inner strength.


1. Stream of Consciousness
2. Revolve Around You
3. Annabel's House
4. Semantic Satiation
5. Pretty In Pink
6. Money
7. What Is It About Me
8. Black Cab
9. Don't Hate Me
10. Chill Out

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl.