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Dusty Springfield - See All Her Faces (50th Anniversary) 2LP

Dusty Springfield - See All Her Faces (50th Anniversary) 2LP

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Technically Dusty’s seventh studio album, "See All Her Faces" is a collection of tracks from the late 1960s and early 1970s, and released on the Philips label in 1972. The original album was never released in the U.S., though some of the tracks had appeared on singles there.

Amongst the many highlights was the bossa nova-influenced title track, another bossa style number, Come for a Dream, co-written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, as well as beautifully orchestrated pop ballads, like I Start Counting, and a stab at a Motown-style groover Girls It Ain't Easy. There were also some deeply soulful tracks, echoing her ‘In Memphis’ LP, such as Tony Joe White's Willie & Laura Mae Jones, as well as featuring songwriting royalty in the shape of Goffin & King's That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho), Jimmy Webb’s album-opener Mixed Up Girl and Greenwich and Barry co-writes - What Good Is I Love You and Nothing Is Forever. Bonus tracks - This unique package includes an additional LP of rare tracks, recordings from the shelved ‘Faithful’ album along with out-takes from the original album sessions.

Expanded edition of this fine record (a compilation of odds and ends that actually made a very cohesive album), not available on vinyl since 1972. Includes 6 additional singles/b-sides from the era. Features the original album plus a mini-LP of bonus cuts from the period, both re-mastered at Abbey Road and enhanced artwork with added photos and archive material.


1. Mixed Up Girl
2. Crumbs Off the Table
3. Let Me Down Easy
4. Come for a Dream
5. Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
6. I Start Counting
7. Yesterday When I Was Young
8. Girls It Ain't Easy
9. What Good Is I Love You?
10. Willie & Laura Mae Jones
11. Someone Who Cares
12. Nothing Is Forever
13. See All Her Faces
14. That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) 
15. Haunted (Bonus track)
16. Have a Good Life Baby (Bonus track)
17. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? (Bonus track)
18. Go My Love (Bonus track)
19. A Song for You (Bonus track)
20. Wasn't Born to Follow (Bonus track)
21. Sweet Inspiration (Bonus track)
22. O-o-h Child (Bonus track)
23. Goodbye (Bonus track)

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 reissue on 2x black vinyl.