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The Alan Parsons Project - The Alan Parsons Projects [Box Set]

The Alan Parsons Project - The Alan Parsons Projects [Box Set]

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The LPs included are "I Robot" (1977), "Eve" (1978) and "Pyramid" (1979).

Also included, in its own custom sleeve, is the two-disc "Audio Guide to the Alan Parsons Projects" program, which combines album excerpts and interviews with Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson. This content is intended to be the basis of a "do it yourself" radio program.



1. I Robot [The Alan Parsons Project]
2. A Day in the Life [The Beatles]
3. Get Back [The Beatles]
4. Maxwell's Silver Hammer [The Beatles]
5. Maybe I'm Amazed [Paul McCartney]
6. I Am Your Singer [The Wings]
7. Hi, Hi, Hi [The Wings]
8. Breathe the Air [Pink Floyd]
9. Money [Pink Floyd]
10. Time [Pink Floyd]
11. Judy Teen [Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel]
12. Magic [Pilot]
13. Pull the Damn Thing Down [John Miles]
14. Music [John Miles]
15. Somewhere I've Never Travelled [Ambrosia]
16. End of the Day [Al Stewart]
17. Year of the Cat [Al Stewart]
18. Time Passages [The Alan Parsons Project]
19. Dream Within a Dream [The Alan Parsons Project]
20. The Raven [The Alan Parsons Project]
21. To One in Paradise [The Alan Parsons Project]
22. I Robot [The Alan Parsons Project]
23. I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You [The Alan Parsons Project]
24. Breakdown [The Alan Parsons Project]
25. In the Lap of the Gods [The Alan Parsons Project]
26. Pyramania [The Alan Parsons Project]
27. What Goes Up [The Alan Parsons Project]
28. Lucifer [The Alan Parsons Project]
29. If You Could Change Your Mind [The Alan Parsons Project]
30. You Lie Down With Dogs [The Alan Parsons Project]


1. I Robot
2. I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You
3. Some Other Time
4. Breakdown
5. Don't Let It Show
6. The Voice
7. Nucleus
8. Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
9. Total Eclipse
10. Genesis Ch.1. V.32


1. Voyager
2. What Goes Up
3. The Eagle Will Rise Again
4. One More River
5. Can't Take It With You
6. In the Lap of the Gods
7. Pyramania
8. Hyper-Gamma-Spaces
9. Shadow of a Lonely Man


1. Lucifer
2. You Lie Down With Dogs
3. I'd Rather Be a Man
4. You Won't Be Up There
5. Winding Me Up
6. Damned If I Do
7. Don't Hold Back
8. Secret Garden
9. If I Could Change Your Mind

About this product: this is a secondhand boxset, American import, made in 1979.

All the vinyl is in Very Good (Plus) condition and the packaging in Very Good condition.