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Undertones - Hypnotised LP

Undertones - Hypnotised LP

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The Undertones formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1975 and released their follow up album Hypnotised in 1980 which peaked at number 6 in the UK Charts.

The themes on this title follow suit of their debut, focusing on teenage angst, boisterousness, and heartbreak. Though "Hypnotised" is notably both lyrically and musically more sophisticated than it predecessor.

The album contains 14 punky-pop classics, with a slightly tougher edge than the unfailingly sweet-natured debut. The giddy love rush of the title track is matched by some of Feargal Sharkey's most exuberant vocals, and the snotty What's with Terry? and My Perfect Cousin are yet more perfect slices of adolescent frustration.


1. More Songs About Chocolate and Girls
2. There Goes Norman
3. Hypnotised
4. See That Girl
5. Whizz Kids
6. Under the Boardwalk
7. The Way Girls Talk
8. Hard Luck
9. My Perfect Cousin
10. Boys Will Be Boys
11. Tearproof
12. Wednesday Week
13. Nine Times Out of Ten
14. Girls That Don't Talk
15. What's With Terry?

About this product: this reissue is pressed on red vinyl.