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Slade - Ballzy LP

Slade - Ballzy LP

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The provocative, yet spectacular US-only debut release from Slade (Ambrose Slade), "Ballzy" laid the foundations for the rock bands path to their legendary status. Slade and BMG are proud to reissue their debut US LP for the first time on beautiful transparent blue vinyl.

This product has never been released outside of the US market, so will touch the hands of fans worldwide for the first time. Slade were unstoppable throughout the seventies becoming one of Europe's biggest bands, releasing 6 smash hit albums, including three UK No-1’s, a run of seventeen consecutive Top 20 singles and their hits are synonymous with the glam-era.

This limited edition product is a key component of the Slade catalogue.


1. Genesis
2. Everybody's Next One
3. Knocking Nails into My House
4. Roach Daddy
5. Ain't Got No Heart
6. Pity the Mother
7. Mad Dog Cole
8. Fly Me High
9. If This World Were Mine
10. Martha My Dear
11. Born to be Wild
12. Journey to the Center of Your Mind

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 reissue on translucent blue vinyl.