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Band Of Horses - Things Are Great CD/LP

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Band of Horses’ sixth studio album and first record in more than five years. Sonically, the album is a return to their earlier work and the kind of raw ethos that lies at the heart of Band of Horses.

Emotionally intense, both on a personal and elemental level, on "Things Are Great" we find band founder Ben Bridwell more autobiographical than he’s ever been on record detailing the nebulous frustrations and quiet indignities of relationship changes and what a person will do to make things right.


1. Warning Signs
2. Crutch
3. Tragedy of the Commons
4. In the Hard Times
5. In Need of Repair
6. Aftermath
7. Lights
8. Ice Night We're Having
9. You are Nice to Me
10. Coalinga

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is the Indie Stores Exclusive on 'Translucent Rust' vinyl.