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Soft Cell - *Happiness Not Included CD/LP

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Soft Cell - legendary frontman Marc Almond and producer / instrumentalist Dave Ball - return with their fifth studio album and first in 20 years, "*Happiness Not Included".

It represents their first new album since they issued "Cruelty Without Beauty" back in 2002.


1. Happy Happy Happy
2. Polaroid
3. Bruises on All My Illusions
4. Purple Zone [with Pet Shop Boys]
5. Heart Like Chernobyl
6. Light Sleepers
7. *Happiness Not Included
8. Nostalgia Machine
9. Nighthawks [CD ONLY]
10. I'm Not a Friend of God
11. Tranquiliser
12. New Eden

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on yellow vinyl.