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Goldfrapp - Head First LP

Goldfrapp - Head First LP

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Goldfrapp stepped off the dancefloor with the folky reveries of "The Seventh Tree", but the duo couldn’t stay away for long. "Head First" dives into luscious, eminently danceable synth pop that's almost as far removed from the sleek shuffle beats of "Black Cherry" and "Supernature" as their previous album was.

This time, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory look to the ‘80s for inspiration, but not the brittle sound that was fashionable to ape in the late 2000s, like La Roux and Little Boots. Instead, they explore the uber-glossy productions, staccato melodies and dramatic key shifts that were the hallmarks of anthems that some might not want to admit they liked decades later.

The influence of Giorgio Moroder and Italo-disco in general can be heard throughout "Head First", but ABBA and especially Xanadu-era Olivia Newton-John are even more prominent (the cover of Physical that appeared between "Felt Mountain" and "Black Cherry" feels more prescient with each album Goldfrapp releases). The pair makes more of these sounds than just pastiche, although the finesse with which they re-create this distinctive sound will give listeners serious déjà vu.

Even the album’s length and structure feel retro: "Head First" is a svelte nine songs long, with the singles on its A-side and ballads on the B-side. And the singles -- particularly the first three -- are some of Goldfrapp’s most irresistible songs yet: Rocket’s driving minor-key verses and huge, shimmering choruses tap into the brain’s pleasure center as efficiently as possible; Believer sounds instantly familiar, but not tired or obvious; and Alive channels ABBA with percolating guitars, warm keyboards and synths that sparkle like a shower of glitter.

If the album seems somewhat slight, it’s purposefully so: "Head First" is a love letter to the frothy, fleeting, but very vital joys of pop music.

About this product: this reissue is pressed on magenta-colour vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes an art print.