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Faithless - All Blessed CD/LP

Faithless - All Blessed CD/LP

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1. Poetry [feat. Suli Breaks]
2. Gains [feat. Suli Breaks]
3. I Need Someone [feat. Nathan Ball and Caleb Femi]
4. Remember [feat. Suli Breaks and Isk]
5. Synthesizer
6. My Town [feat. GAIKA]
7. What Shall I Do?
8. Friendship
9. Walk in My Shoes
10. All Blessed
11. Innadadance [feat. Suli Breaks and Jazzie B]
12. Take Your Time [feat. Damien Jurado and Suli Breaks]

About this product: this is available in CD and LP formats.

The CD is comes in a digipack.

The LP is pressed on 180g vinyl and is housed in gatefold packaging.