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The Family Cat ‎- Five Lives Left: The Anthology 2CD

The Family Cat ‎- Five Lives Left: The Anthology 2CD

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1. Tom Verlaine
2. Remember What It is That You Love
3. Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven
4. Place With a Name
5. Colour Me Grey [feat. PJ Harvey]
6. Steamroller
7. Across the Universe
8. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
9. Jesus Christ
10. River of Diamonds [feat. PJ Harvey]
11. Airplane Gardens
12. Amazing Hangover
13. Springing the Atom
14. Wonderful Excuse
15. Goldenbook
16. Bring Me the Head of Michael Portillo
17. Tom Verlaine (Re-Bereted)
18. Sandbag of Your Heart (BBC John Peel Session)
19. Slept in Clothes
20. From the City to the Sea (BBC John Peel Session)
21. Endless Cigarette
22. Gabriel's Wings
23. Too Many Late Nights
24. Furthest from the Sun
25. With a War (BBC John Peel Session)
26. Gameshow (BBC John Peel Session)
27. Fire Music
28. Move Over I'll Drive (BBC Mark Goodier Session)
29. Rockbreaking
30. Blood Orange
31. Nowhere to Go (BBC Mark Goodier Session)
32. If You Think You Know What Love Is
33. Ace of Cups
34. Snowplough
35. Mount Pleasant (BBC Mark Goodier Session)
36. Taking Your Sister Home