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JennyLee - Heart Tax LP

JennyLee - Heart Tax LP

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"This record was started in So Cal four years ago… and the bulk of it finished in Salt Lake City... I was in dire need of a change... I had so much energy, but wasn’t really allowing myself the space to fully realize my ideas.

I found over the past few years w the whole world being at odds and so much uncertainty, I was actually able to access the depth of my creativity in ways I haven’t before. Things were quiet, I felt calm and for the first time in a long while, I was comfortable with my introspection... I wanted this album to be more lyrically based, and really encompass me as an artist, not just a musician.

I incorporated my paintings for the art, which I was also able to dive deeper with here in Utah and let myself go to be free instead of policing my every move, I decided to really allow the stream of my consciousness take over.. and through it I felt a lot of healing of old baggage and release of old energy, while this album feels very present day Jenny, it also embodies a lot of old feelings I kept pent up for so long... I also had the pleasure of collaborating with Golden Suns, and it was such a delight to get a new perspective on how the record would sound… I didn’t really know what I wanted until Utah."


1. Stop Speaking
2. Tickles
3. Newtopia
4. Heart Tax
5. Clinique
6. In Awe Of
7. Hallows Eve
8. Tickles II
9. Love You
10. I'm So Tired

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 release on black vinyl.