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Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground LP

Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground LP

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A massive return to form for singer / songwriter Erykah Badu's third studio album "Worldwide Underground".

It is a collection of songs firmly rooted in soul without being nostalgic, recalling a time when ceilings where higher and folk weren't afraid to let the music play. She is surer, braver, directed, focused and a touch lighter here. This is a total groove album and a 100% refreshing.


1. Intro / World Keeps Turnin'
2. Bump It
3. Back in the Day (Puff)
4. I Want You
5. Woo
6. The Grind [feat. Dead Prez]
7. Danger
8. Think Twice
9. Love of My Life Worldwide [feat. Queen Latifah, Bahamadia and Angie Stone]
10. Outro / World Keeps Turnin'

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g 'Deep Purple' vinyl.