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Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) 3LP

Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) 3LP

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Since 2019, Taylor Swift has promised that she would re-record her first six albums in an attempt to regain ownership of her music after Scooter Braun bought her masters. And now comes the 2008 album "Fearless" in re-recorded form, now expanded to 26 songs and titled "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)".

Swift writes that the 26 tracks include six that have never been released - 'the ones it killed me to leave behind' - written between the ages of 16 and 18: “I decided I want you to have the whole story, see the entire vivid picture, and let you into the entire dreamscape that is my Fearless album. That’s why I’ve chosen to include six never-before-released songs on my version of this album.

"This process has been more fulfilling and emotional than I could’ve imagined and has made me even more determined to re-record all of my music. I hope you’ll like this first outing as much as I liked traveling back in time to recreate it. Sincerely and fearlessly, Taylor."

About this product: this release is pressed on 3x gold vinyl, includes unique photos and artwork.