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The Specials - Protest Songs 1924-2012 CD/DLX CD/LP

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The Specials who enjoyed a triumphant 2019 with the release of the critically acclaimed "Encore", their first ever number 1 album, coming 40 years after they exploded onto the music scene and launched the 2 Tone movement, make a very timely return with the release of their brand new album "Protest Songs – 1924-2012".

Released through their new label Island Records, the album features twelve singular takes on specially chosen protest songs across an almost 100-year span and shows The Specials still care, still protest and are still pissed off!

About this product: this is available on CD, DLX CD and LP formats.

The CD comes in a jewelcase with a 12-page booklet.

The DLX CD comes in a mintpack with two bonus tracks and 12-page booklet.

The LP is the limited pressing on 180g transparent yellow and comes with a 12-page booklet. Includes a download code.