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Paul McCartney - McCartney III CD/LP

Paul McCartney - McCartney III CD/LP

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A follow-up to his 1970 self-titled solo debut and 1980's McCartney II, the new album features the McCartney playing all the instruments; he wrote and recorded every song.

Paul hadn’t planned to release an album in 2020, but in the isolation of Rockdown, he soon found himself fleshing out some existing musical sketches and creating even more new ones. Before long an eclectic collection of spontaneous songs would become "McCartney III": a stripped-back, self-produced and, quite literally, solo work marking the opening of a new decade, in the tradition of 1970’s "McCartney" and 1980’s "McCartney II".

Recorded earlier this year in Sussex (UK), "McCartney III" is mostly built from live takes of Paul on vocals and guitar or piano, overdubbing his bass playing, drumming, etc. atop that foundation. McCartney III spans a vast and intimate range of modes and moods, from soul-searching to wistful, from playful to raucous and all points between — captured with some of the same gear from Paul’s Rude Studio used as far back as 1971 Wings sessions.