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Various Artists - Oriental Rare Groove 2LP

Various Artists - Oriental Rare Groove 2LP

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A trip to the oriental peninsula following the Lebanese disco of Elias Rahbani, cradled by the Moroccan Soul of Ouiness or trained by the Libyan melodies of Ahmed Fakroun.


1. I Love You Lina [Elias Rahbani]
2. Sehr El Oyoun [Mustapha Amar]
3. Pop Corn [Omar Khorshid]
4. Halelo [Dur-Dur Band]
5. Ana Dellali [Cheb Zergui]
6. Falah [Ahmed Fakroun[
7. Liza...Liza [Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra]
8. Drum Sequence [Raja Zahr]
9. Zina [Ouiness]
10. Nadim [Freh Khodja ]
11. Mabruk [Ali Hassan Kuban]
12. Ya Rayah [Dahmane El Harrachi]
13. Wahdi Ana [Melhem Barakat]
14. Sabrina [Freedom]
15. Nisyan [Ahmed Fakroun]
16. Zina [Raïna Raï]
17. Ouiness - Ma’a Ibnat [Ouiness]
18. Give Me Disco [Raja Zahr]

About this product: this compilation is pressed on 2x black vinyl.