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Various Artists - Wanted: Afrobeat LP

Various Artists - Wanted: Afrobeat LP

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A collection with an exceptional sound and visual aesthetic, in collaboration with the British photographer Chris Steel-Perkins, the counter-cultures photograph.

"Wanted Afrobeat" features nine cuts from Pat Thomas, Ebo Taylor, Mulatu Astatke, Peter King etc.


1. Wait for Me [Roger Damawuzan and Les As Du Benin]
2. Yamona [Pat Thomas]
3. Muziqawi Silt (Instrumental) [Wallias Band]
4. Ene Negn Bay Manesh [Girma Beyene]
5. Yegelle Tezeta [Mulatu Astatke]
6. Love & Death [Ebo Taylor and Uhuru Yenzu]
7. African Dialects [Peter King]
8. Delectation [Livy Ekemezie]
9. La Flute Des Mornes [Max Cilla]

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl.