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Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson 2CD+DVD/2LP

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson 2CD+DVD/2LP

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50th anniversary Melody Nelson's story holds a very special place in Serge Gainsbourg's discography. In the aftermath of the global success of Je t'aime moi non plus Serge Gainsbourg, inspired by his new partner, Jane Birkin, decided "to get down to business."

With the collaboration of a very young musician, Jean-Claude Vannier, he created an album hailed as one of the most remarkable successes of orchestral pop around the world.


1. Melody
2. Ballade de Melody Nelson
3. Valse de Melody
4. Ah! Melody
5. L'Hotel Particulier
6. En Melody
7. Cargo Culte
8. Melody (Prise Complete)
9. Ballade de Melody Nelson (Prise Voix Alternative)
10. Valse de Melody (Prise Voix Alternative)
11. Ah! Melody (Prise Voix Alternative)
12. Melody Lit Babar (Version Chantee)
13. Melody Lit Babar (Version Instrumentale)
14. L'Hotel Particulier (Prise Complete - Voix Alternative)
15. En Melody (Version Ciolon Electrique Solo Complet)
16. Cargo Culte (Version Instrumentale)

About this product: this is available on 2CD+DVD and 2LP formats.

The 2LP is pressed on black vinyl.