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Bad Religion - Process Of Belief (20th Anniversary Edition) LP

Bad Religion - Process Of Belief (20th Anniversary Edition) LP

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Reissue of a punk classic and now on coloured vinyl too, as described in 2002: The music has the furious beat and driving buzz saw guitars of classic punk rock, but when a vocal chorus cuts in,it is surprisingly harmonious and emotionally evocative, reminiscent of The Beatles or The Everly Brothers.

This is a sonic contradiction that works to stunning effect. It is also a sound that has come to define one of the world’s most original rock bands, Bad Religion.

Including the hit track Sorrow.


1. Supersonic
2. Prove It
3. Can't Stop It
4. Broken
5. Destined for Nothing
6. Materialist
7. Kyoto Now!
8. Sorrow
9. Epiphany
10. Evangeline
11. The Defense
12. The Lie
13. You Don't Belong
14. Bored & Extremely Dangerous

About this product: this reissue is Indie Stores Exclusive pressing on black/orange vinyl.