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Jean Dubuffet ‎- Musical Experiences LP

Jean Dubuffet ‎- Musical Experiences LP

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Jean Dubuffet describes this project: "In my mind I wanted to place myself in the position of a man of fifty thousand years ago, a man who ignores everything about western music and invents a music for himself without any reference, without any discipline, without anything that would prevent him to express himself freely and for his own good pleasure."


1. Aguichements
2. L'Eau
3. Délibérants
4. Pleure Et Applaudit
5. Humeur Incertaine
6. Bateau Coulé
7. Diligences Futiles
8. Gai Savoir

About this product: this is the 2018 pressing of the compilation and the artwork is also by Jean Dubuffet.