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Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres LP

Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres LP

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Coldplay release their ninth studio album "Music Of The Spheres", which features 12 new tracks including recent no. 12 single Higher Power - the band’s highest charting single in seven years.


1. Music of the Spheres
2. Higher Power
3. Humankind
4. Alien Choir
5. Let Somebody Go [feat. Selena Gomez]
6. Human Heart [feat. We Are King and Jacob Collier]
7. People of the Pride
8. Biutyful
9. Music of the Spheres II
10. My Universe [feat. BTS]
11. Infinity Sign
12. Coloratura

About this product: this release is pressed on recycled colour vinyl. Includes a 4-page Map Of The Spheres insert, a 28-page booklet and a download code.