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Echo & The Bunnymen - Ocean Rain LP

Echo & The Bunnymen - Ocean Rain LP

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Channelling the lessons of the experimental "Porcupine" into more conventional and simple structural parameters, "Ocean Rain" emerges as Echo and the Bunnymen's most beautiful and memorable effort.

Ornamenting Ian McCulloch's most consistently strong collection of songs to date with subdued guitar textures, sweeping string arrangements, and hauntingly evocative production, the album is dramatic and majestic; The Killing Moon, Ocean Rain's emotional centrepiece, remains the group's unrivalled pinnacle.


1. Silver
2. Nocturnal Me
3. Crystal Days
4. The Yo Yo Man
5. Thorn of Crowns
6. The Killing Moon
7. Seven Seas
8. My Kingdom
9. Ocean Rain

About this product: this is the Rocktober '21 reissue on 180g black vinyl.