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Hawkwind - At The BBC - 1972 2LP

Hawkwind - At The BBC - 1972 2LP

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Recorded live by the BBC on 28th September 1972 at the famed Paris Theatre in London, this is the classic "Space Ritual" era Hawkwind featuring Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy Kilmister & Stacia Blake.

This 11 track, hour-long show of the stereo version features Hawkwind classics Born to Go, Seven by Seven & Master of the Universe. The release also includes two bonus tracks recorded for Johnny Walker's BBC Radio 1 show of the same year; Brainstorm and Silver Machine.


1. Countdown
2 Born to Go
3. The Black Corridor
4. Seven by Seven
5. Brainstorm
6. Electronic No. 1
7. Master of the Universe
8. Paranoia
9. Earth Calling
10. Silver Machine
11. Welcome to the Future
12. Brainstom (Johnnie Walker Radio 1 Session 1972)
13. Silver Machine (Johnnie Walker Radio 1 Session 1972)

About this product: this is the August Record Store Day '20 reissue on 2x vinyl, limited to 5000 copies.