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Sisters Of Mercy - BBC Sessions 1982-1984 2LP

Sisters Of Mercy - BBC Sessions 1982-1984 2LP

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"BBC Sessions 1982-1984" features three BBC sessions which have never been available physically before.

Two of the sessions were with admired radio broadcaster John Peel. Includes early versions of the singles Walk Away and No Time To Cry that would end up on their debut "First And Last And Always". Includes covers of The Stooges 1969, Dolly Parton’s Jolene and Hot Chocolate’s Emma.

This title charts their earliest days as an indie band in 1982 to the time they signed to Warner Records in 1984.


1. 1969 (John Peel Session 1982)
2. Alice (John Peel Session 1982)
3. Good Things (John Peel Session 1982)
4. Floor Show (John Peel Session 1982)
5. Heartland (David “Kid” Jensen Session 1983)
6. Jolene (David “Kid” Jensen Session 1983)
7. Valentine (David “Kid” Jensen Session 1983)
8. Burn (David “Kid” Jensen Session 1983)
9. Walk Away (John Peel Session 1984)
10. Poison Door (John Peel Session 1984)
11. No Time To Cry (John Peel Session 1984)
12. Emma (John Peel Session 1984)

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 release on 2x 'Smokey' vinyl.