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Morrissey And David Bowie - Cosmic Dancer (Live) 7"

Morrissey And David Bowie - Cosmic Dancer (Live) 7"

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Morrissey and David Bowie’s duet cover of T-Rex’s Cosmic Dancer that was recorded live at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles on 6th February 1991. The 7-inch double A-side also features Morrissey’s 2020 cover of The Jam’s That’s Entertainment.

The sleeve front and back features photographs of David Bowie with Morrissey and were taken in New York City by Linder Sterling. As a point to note, this version of That's Entertainment is different to the commonly circulated version from 1993.


1. Cosmic Dancer (Live) [Morrissey and David Bowie] 
2. That's Entertainment [Morrissey, The Jam cover]

About this product: this single is pressed on 7" black vinyl.