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Graham Parker - Five Old Souls (Live) LP

Graham Parker - Five Old Souls (Live) LP

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Coming to vinyl for the first time ever, "Five Old Souls" is a live album from the legendary Graham Parker - back at his swinging best! Recorded in Southampton on his most recent tour, it features his latest backing band The Goldtops as well as appearances from The Rumour Brass.

The setlist focuses mostly on early GP & The Rumour material with a few choice cuts from recent studio album "Cloud Symbols". Well into his sixth decade as a performer, Graham Parker remains both idiosyncratic and unmissable.


1. Old Soul
2. Things I've Never Said
3. Back Door Love
4. Band Introduction
5. Hotel Chambermaid
6. White Honey
7. Ancient Past
8. Bathtub Gin
9. Lady Doctor
10. Dreamin'
11. Every Saturday Nite
12. You Left The Water Running
13. Not If It Pleases Me
14. Hold Back the Night
15. Rockin' Hawk
16. Heat Treatment
17. Soul Shoes

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 release on purprle vinyl.