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Lou Reed - Magic & Loss 2LP

Lou Reed - Magic & Loss 2LP

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Carrying on the series of Lou Reed reissues for RSD and Black Friday is his critically successful 1992 Sire album “Magic and Loss”.

Pressed on double LP, featuring three sides of vinyl and an etching, exclusive for Black Friday 2020. (NME 10/10, Q Magazine 4*, Rolling Stone 4*).


1. Dorita (The Spirit)
2. What's Good (The Thesis)
3. Power and Glory (The Situation)
4. Magician (Internally)
5. Sword of Damocles (Externally)
6. Goodby Mass (In a Chapel Bodily)
7. Cremation (Ashes to Ashes)
8. Dreamin' (Escape)
9. No Chance (Regret)
10. Warrior King (Revenge)
11. Harry's Circumcision (Reverie Gone Astray)
12. Gassed and Stoked (Loss)
13. Power and Glory, Part II (Magic - Transformation)
14. Magic and Loss (The Summation)

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday '20 reissue on 2x 180g black vinyl, limited pressing of 3300 copies.