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Frank Zappa - ZAPPA OST 2LP

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Forget Black Friday, Franksgiving is the real event as we usher in the long-awaited release of Alex Winter’s highly acclaimed documentary, “Zappa”, about the prolific genius composer, free speech activist, cultural ambassador to Czechoslovakia and legendary musician Frank Zappa, as well as the surprise digital release of the corresponding Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

A perfect compliment to the film.


1. Motherly Love [The Mothers of Invention]
2. Memories of El Monte (Live from the Whisky, 1968) [The Mothers of Invention]
3. Oh! In the Sky (Live from the Whisky, 1968) [The Mothers of Invention]
4. The Duke (Live from the Whisky, 1968) [The Mothers of Invention]
5. How Could I Be Such a Fool? [Frank Zappa]
6. Absolutely Free [The Mothers of Invention]
7. Call Any Vegetable (Excerpts) (Live at Fillmore West, November 1970) [Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention]
8. Road Ladies [Frank Zappa]
9. Cheepnis (Live at the Roxy, 12/10/73, Show 1) [Frank Zappa]
10. Apostrophe' (Live in Los Angeles, Rehearsal Hall, June 1974) [Frank Zappa]
11. Sofa (1977 Mix, Live) [Frank Zappa]
12. The Black Page #1 (Piano Version) [Frank Zappa]
13. Mo's Vacation (Live in Munich, 1978) [Frank Zappa]
14. Dancin' Fool (Live on Saturday Night Live, October 1978) [Frank Zappa]
15. Valley Girl [Frank Zappa and Moon Zappa]
16. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (Live at The Pier, NYC, 1984) [Frank Zappa]
17. H.R. 2911 [Frank Zappa]
18. Envelopes (1983 Original Vinyl Mix) [Frank Zappa and London Symphony Orchestra]
19. Get Whitey [Frank Zappa]
20. G-Spot Tornado [Frank Zappa]
21. Watermelon in Easter Hay (Live, 1978) [Frank Zappa]

About this product: this is pressed on 2x 180g clear vinyl, limited pressing of 1,500 copies worldwide.