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Salem - Salem EP

Salem - Salem EP

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Creeper frontman Will Gould has joined forces with Matt Reynolds (Howard's Alias, Skylar, Drawings) to create Salem.

First single Destroy Me fires out of the starting blocks in a ferocious rush of punk rock melody and Gould's distinctive vocals. His words possess the playfully eloquent set-up and punchline lyrical style that's a big part of classic albums from the likes of Jawbreaker and Alkaline Trio. Elsewhere, Salem's debut EP captures the life-affirming joy of hearing a live band erupt into a blast of wild, barely controlled energy.


1. Fall Out of Love
2. Destroy Me 
3. Throat
4. Eyesore
5. Doomed (For Each Other)

About this product: this is a limited edition pressing on 12" pink vinyl.