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Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet - Requiem For A Dream 2LP

Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet - Requiem For A Dream 2LP

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To coincide with its 20th anniversary, Clint Mansell's haunting score to Darren Aronofsky's 2000 film, Requiem for a Dream, performed by Kronos Quartet, returns to vinyl.

This was Mansell’s second of several collaborations with Aronofsky, following 1997’s π, and features arrangements by David Lang of Bang on a Can. The film stars Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly and Marlon Wayans, and was adapted from the 1978 novel by Hubert Selby, Jr, who also wrote the screenplay with Aronofsky (and was even set to have a cameo at the end of the film). Set on the rusted mean streets of Coney Island, Brooklyn, Requiem for a Dream tells the parallel stories of four people pursuing their dreams of better lives.

The reissue features the original soundtrack, plus two bonus tracks.



1. Summer Overture
2. Party
3. Coney Island Dreaming
4. Party
5. Chocolate Charms
6. Ghosts of Things to Come
7. Dreams
8. Tense
9. Dr. Pill
10. High on Life
11. Ghosts
12. Crimin' & Dealin'
13. Hope Overture
14. Tense
15. Bialy & Lox Conga [The Moonrats]


1. Cleaning Apartment
2. Ghosts-Falling
3. Dreams
4. Arnold
5. Marion Barfs
6. Supermarket Sweep
7. Dreams
8. Sara Goldfarb Has Left the Building
9. Bugs Got a Devilish Grin Conga [The Moonrats]


1. Winter Overture
2. Southern Hospitality
3. Fear
4. Full Tense
5. The Beginning of the End
6. Ghosts of a Future Lost
7. Meltdown
8. Lux Aeterna
9. Coney Island Low


1. Purple in the Morning, Blue in the Afternoon, Orange in the Evening, Green at Night (Geoff Foster Remix)
2. 30 Days to Revolutionize Your Life!!! 1-900-976-JUICE (Geoff Foster Remix)

About this product: this is a remaster/reissue pressed on 2x heavyweight vinyl.