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Arca - KicK iii CD/LP

Arca - KicK iii CD/LP

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Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; "KICK ii" – "kiCK iiiii". The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry.

The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.


1. Bruja
2. Incendio
3. Morbo
4. Fiera
5. Skullqueen
6. Electra Rex
7. Ripples
8. Rubberneck
9. Senorita
10. Intimate Flesh
11. Joya

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl.