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A Wake In Providence - Eternity CD/LP

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"Eternity" is the latest and most ambitious offering from A Wake In Providence. As one of US Deathcore's initial leading beacon acts, A Wake In Providence rose to notoriety for their explosive live shows with then-vocalist Will Ramos, now in Lorna Shore.

With the addition of powerhouse Adam Mercer in 2017 taking over vocals, AWIP released "A Darkened Gospel" followed by the album "The Black Sun: The Blood Moon" in 2019. 2022 sees them exploding back into the spotlight with an unstoppable new opus, "Eternity".

Essential for fans of Lorna Shore, Chelsea Grin, Septic Flesh and Crown Magnetar - AWIP bring American Modern Deathcore at it's absolute finest from one of the OG game changers in the genre.


1. An Odyssey through The River (Overture)
2. The Horror ov The Old Gods
3. We Are Eternity
4. Siamo Legati Dal Terrore
5. The Hunt ov the Wraith (First Movement)
6. The Book ov the Eldritch (Second Movement)
7. The Court ov the Trinity (Final Movement)
8. Weep into the Abyss, for It Hears You Not
9. Vicious Attenuation

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on 'Ghostly Red' vinyl.