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Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins LP

Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins LP

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On "White Bronco", Action Bronson’s 2018 release, he rapped “my next album’s only for dolphins,” and the principled MC is nothing if not true to his word.

A Queens legend, respected for his idiosyncratic pen and vivid raps, Action is a decade into his career and still deepening his skillset. 'The dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures ever created on whatever planet we're on,; Action explains. 'They have their own way of communicating. They have nuance and intangibles like we do.'

In a perfectly unusual analogy, he likens the aquatic mammal to the storied 'five-tool' baseball player—that is, the extraordinary class of player who combines all elements of the game. 'The only people who understand me are those five-tool players, those higher beings who are on the same telepathic wave as me.' Thus, "Only for Dolphins".


1. Capoeira [feat. Yung Mehico]
2. C12H16N2
3. Latin Grammys
4. Golden Eye
5. Mongolia [feat. Hologram and Meyhem Lauren]
6. Vega
7. Splash
8. Sergio
9. Shredder
10. Cliff Hanger
11. Marcus Aurelius
12. Hard Target

About this product: this is pressed on yellow vinyl.