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DJ Taye - Still Trippin' 2LP - Tangled Parrot

DJ Taye - Still Trippin' 2LP

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1. 2094
2. Trippin'
3. Need It [feat. DJ Manny]
4. Smokeout [feat. DJ Lucky
5. Same Sound [feat. Odile Myrtil]
6. 9090
7. Anotha4 [feat. DJ Manny]
8. Bonfire [feat. DJ Paypal]
9. The Matrix [feat. DJ Manny]
10. Get It Jukin' [feat. Chuck Inglish]
11. Pop Drop [feat. DJ Paypal]
12. Gimmie Some Mo [feat. UNiiQU3]
13. Truu [feat. DJ Paypal]
14. Closer
15. I'm Trippin'
16. I Don't Know [feat. Fabi Reyna]

About this product: this is pressed on 2x vinyl and presented in a gold foil stamped cover with black die-cut paper inner sleeves. Includes a download card.

This copy has been opened but it's practically untouched.