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Adam Walton - Afal LP

Adam Walton - Afal LP

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"My name is Adam Walton. I’m from Mold in north Wales.

"My new album ‘Afal’ is released on Friday 29th April 2022. It’s folkish, melodic (I hope) and a little bit trippy, dictated by the songs having been mostly written and recorded after late shifts at work. I wanted to preserve as much humanity and natural grain in the recordings as possible… eschewing autotune, multiple takes and any urge for perfection.

"I love slightly off kilter chord sequences and melodies that weave and glow. If the melodies weave and glow for you, I’ll be a happy-ish man.

"Musically-speaking? I don’t know… there are scraps of Emitt Rhodes, Beck, De La Soul, Elliott Smith, Love, Teenage Fanclub, Modern Life Is Rubbish-era Blur, Richard Holland’s compilation tapes… The Zombies, Pink Floyd and The Boo Radleys.

"It’s about being older and not hating it; not eschewing responsibility, but giving your imagination and flights of fancy daily mouth-to-mouth and defibrillation.

"It’s trying to elicit the same sense of wonder that Operation Jonah, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Wacky Amoebatrons, Many Happy Returns, The Lotus Caves, And Your Bird Can Sing, Strange Perceptions, Runequest, The Losers Club and rainy, deserted winter afternoons in Portmeirion elicited in me.

"To my mind, the instrumental sketches interspersed throughout the album are just as important as the songs, but then the songs aren’t all that important, anyway, so it’s a moot point."


1. #1
2. Rain on Your Parade
3. #6
4. Emily Said (on Account of the Days)
5. #4
6. Mary Sees UFO's
7. Cornelian
8. #12
9. Cloudburst II
10. #5
11. Blinded by Headlights
12. #8
13. Goldfinch
14. #2
15. 2269
16. #3
17. Foreveryou
18. #10
19. The Moon and the Stars
20. #7

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl. Includes a download code.