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Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Teaser & The Firecat CD/2CD/LP

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Teaser & The Firecat CD/2CD/LP

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1971: a year that witnessed the release of some of the greatest albums of all time, including The Rolling Stones’ "Sticky Fingers", Carole King’s "Tapestry", Marvin Gaye’s "What’s Going On", Led Zeppelin "IV", and John Lennon’s "Imagine", to name but a few. But there was one more classic to come in November of that year – Cat Stevens’ "Teaser and the Firecat".

Stevens’ third LP on Island Records, and his third in 18 months, the album built on the extreme success of "Tea for the Tillerman", and yielded some of his greatest songs including The Wind, Moonshadow, Peace Train and Morning Has Broken.


1. The Wind
2. Rubylove
3. If I Laugh
4. Changes IV
5. How Can I Tell You
6. Tuesday's Day
7. Morning Has Broken
8. Bitterblue
9. Moonshadow
10. Peace Train

About this product: this remaster/reissue is available on CD, 2CD and LP formats.

The CD comes with a 24-page booklet.

The 2CD features rare and previously unreleased live tracks, demos and b-sides. Includes a 32-page booklet.

The LP is pressed on 180g black vinyl.