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Various Artists - Britxotica Goes Wild! LP

Various Artists - Britxotica Goes Wild! LP

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1. The High Life [Marion Ryan]
2. Vamos-A-Baila [Chico Arnez]
3. Jonny One Note [Ted Heath]
4. Wimoweh [Ted Heath]
5. House of Bamboo [Neville Taylor]
6. Baia [Tony Scott]
7. Jump in the Line [Frank Holder]
8. Mambo for Latin Lovers [Ido Martin]
9. Fanagalo [Frank Chacksfield feat. Frank Holder]
10. Taboo [Charles Blackwell]
11. Voom-Va-Voom [Eve Boswell]
12, Crazy Latin [Don Carlos]
13. Vaba-Ba-Boom [Edmundo Ros]
14. Boliviana [Victor Silvester]
15. Don's Mambo [Don Carlos]
16. The High Life [The Ivor And Basil Kirchen Band feat. Toni Sharpe]

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.