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Doctor Who - The Massacre 2LP

Doctor Who - The Massacre 2LP

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Demon Records presents a narrated full-cast TV soundtrack of a legendary historical adventure, starring William Hartnell as the original Doctor.

In this 'lost' 4-part serial, first shown on BBC TV in February 1966, the TARDIS materialises in Paris in 1572, a time of great danger and religious strife. The Catholic Queen Mother, Catherine de Medici, is hatching a plot to kill all French Protestants, and the Doctor and Steven are quickly caught up in events.

While Steven is befriended by a group of Protestants, the Doctor has a perfect double in the shape of the hated dignitary, the Abbot of Amboise. One of them is about to lose his life!

This narrated TV soundtrack evokes a classic Doctor Who adventure in all its aural magnificence. The vivid sounds of 16th Century Paris in turmoil, and the encroaching terror of the massacre, are all accompanied by the eerie sonics of Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire's theme tune.


1. War of God
2. The Sea Beggar
3. Priest of Death
4. Bell of Doom

About this product: this is the August Record Store Day '20 pressing on 2x "Parisian Blaze" vinyl, presented in a gatefold sleeve. Comes with illustrated inner bags and full episode billings, cast and credits. Limited to 2000 copies.