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Califone - Heron King Blues 2LP

Califone - Heron King Blues 2LP

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Long out-of-print reissue of Califone's third album with bonus LP with unreleased tracks.

For this recording the band set out to make a record like Captain Beefheart's "Mirror Man", entering the studio with a blank canvas and laying things down quickly. The resulting songs combine the bands more pop-oriented qualities alongside their more spaced out ethereal thoughts; these most often found on their Deceleration releases available on the bands own label, Perishable.

The resulting sessions led to songs that were improvised or written immediately before recording, and within days a series of raw, live recordings had been completed. From there the initial recordings were chopped up, mixed around, and reassembled into the final product: a beautifully lush and patient masterpiece.


1. Wingbone
2. Trick Bird
3. Sawtooth Sung a Cheater's Song
4. Apple
5. Lion and Bee
6. 2 Sisters Drunk on Each Other
7. Heron King Blues
8. Outro
9. Electric Fence (Clava Live Version)
10. Sawtooth Sung a Cheater's Song (10.11.03 - KVRX Radio, Austin, TX)
11. The Ocean Was Lungs (Faraway Bells)
12. I Walk on Gilded Splinters
13. St. Martha (Clava Live Version)
14. Red (Clava Live Version)

About this product: this release is pressed on 2x black vinyl. Includes a download code.