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Death - Individual Thought Patterns (2023) LP

Death - Individual Thought Patterns (2023) LP

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Newly mastered version of Death's classic "Individual Thought Patterns". Commissioned from West West Side, the new master shines a new light on some of the lesser heard parts of this classic album!

Death, the heavy metal institution founded, realised, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released the "Individual Thought Patterns" album (the follow-up to their watershed "Human" release) in 1993. Expectations were high following "Human", but Schuldiner proved once again that he could rise to any occasion.

"Individual Thought Patterns" further honed the forward-thinking and progressive direction birthed with "Human", and included The Philosopher; arguably the best song to ever come from the world of extreme metal and to this date the most widely-recognized.

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday '23 reissue on black vinyl.