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Ghostpoet - Dark Days + Canapes LP

Ghostpoet - Dark Days + Canapes LP

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Out of print for a couple of years, "Dark Days + Canapés" is Ghostpoet's most defining album to date.

A stunning and stimulating return, "Dark Days + Canapés" is a record that captures the sense of unease felt by so many in recent times. After receiving recognition for the beat-driven arrangements of his first two albums, third album "Shedding Skin" initiated a more alt-rock sound that saw Ghostpoet Mercury-nominated for a second time.

New album "Dark Days + Canapés", produced by Leo Abrahams, best known for his work with Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, delves even further into a fuller, guitar-driven sound.

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday '21 release on clear vinyl. Limited pressing of 1500 copies.