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Talking Heads - True Stories LP

Talking Heads - True Stories LP

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Featuring songs written for David Byrne's film of the same name, "True Stories" from 1986 is even more pop-oriented than "Little Creatures", full of simple, catchy melodies and guitar hooks.

"True Stories" is not the soundtrack to David Byrne's movie of the same name. Rather, this album contains Talking Heads' versions of songs from the film. In the movie, most songs are sung by the actors, and some of their version plus other additional music from the movie is available on the official soundtrack for True Stories.


1. Love for Sale
2. Puzzlin' Evidence
3. Hey Now
4. Papa Legba
5. Wild Wild Life
6. Radio Head
7. Dream Operator
8. People Like Us
9. City of Dreams

About this product: this is the Rocktober reissue on red vinyl.