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The Stooges - Fun House LP

The Stooges - Fun House LP

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The debut album from 1969 was immense, but nothing could quite prepare you for the brutal masterpiece that is "Funhouse". It is something that is neither pretty nor wholesome, and it succeeds almost entirely on the powerful chemistry at work.

Iggy screams, shouts, yelps and grunts over a barrage of simplistic music with simplistic lyrics and, at times, no music at all (LA Blues). Other great tunes present here are Down On The Street, the excellent opener, 1970, a perfect proto-punk anthem, and the title track, simply one of the finest, rawest, most visceral songs ever recorded.

This is one of the best albums of all time. If you have any blood in your veins, buy a copy and you won't be disappointed.


1. Down on the Street
2. Loose
3. T.V. Eye
4. Dirt
5. 1970
6. Fun House
7. L.A. Blues

About this product: this is the Rocktober reissue on red & black opaque vinyl.